Frequently Asked Questions

First things first

What is this site?

Keep It In The Community (also known as KIITC, pronounced ‘Kitsy’) is a project to map Assets of Community Value (ACVs) and community-owned assets across England, and to allow anyone to highlight valued spaces and places that may become ACVs in the future.

KIITC was created by mySociety in collaboration with Power To Change, and it has two aims: to create an online record for each ACV and community-owned asset; and to provide an easy way to understand and compare the density, status, and demand for ACVs or community-owned assets in different regions of the country.

What is an Asset of Community Value?

Under the Localism Act of 2011, groups have the right to nominate any building or piece of land that is valuable to the local community (for example, perhaps it provides a home for cultural or recreational activities, or vital services) as an Asset of Community Value.

If the nomination is approved, the community has the first refusal to bid for the asset should it come up for sale. This right has often been used to prevent the sale of spaces and places with a public function, such as recreation grounds, pubs and village halls, to private developers, and pass them to public hands. You can find out more on Locality's website.

What is a community-owned asset?

When a registered Asset of Community Value comes up for sale, the local community has first right of refusal on bidding for that property, whether it is a building, a piece of land, or something else. This is called Right to Bid, and you can find more information on Locality's website. If the community purchases it, the Asset of Community Value becomes a community-owned asset.

Where do the assets on this site come from?

Keep It In The Community gathers together submitted and approved ACVs and community-owned assets from the official listings of councils in England — originally largely sourced from councils’ online registers — and details of the spaces and places that communities find valuable in their own neighbourhoods. Find out more.

If you would like to add new assets or edit the information on existing entries, go to the homepage, and input the postcode or street name for the asset. Click the asset’s position on the map to create a pin, and fill in the information.

Using Keep It In The Community

How do I use the site?
After entering a location, you are presented with a map of the surrounding area. You can view assets already added in that neighbourhood, or add new assets or edit existing ones by clicking on the map at the relevant location.
Is Keep It In The Community free to use?
Yes. The software on which Keep It In The Community is based is maintained by a registered charity – so if KIITC has helped you and you’d like to reflect that by making a contribution, please do!
Can I use Keep It In The Community on my mobile?
Yes, but not as an app – just access the website via your phone's browser. It works well on any device, adapting to the size of your screen automatically.
I know of a registered ACV - why can’t I see it on KIITC?
In September 2018, we imported data for all the ACVs in England that existed at that point. Since then, we have not updated the data about ACVs on the site. In June 2019, we imported a large amount of data on community-owned assets, that was collected by researchers at Sheffield Hallam University. To help keep all of this data correct, we’ve now enabled the addition of ACVs, community-owned assets, and proposed ACVs by all users, so, if you find a gap, why not add the asset yourself?
Why can’t I zoom out more on the reporting map?
We want to keep Keep It In The Community locally focused, so we restrict the ability to move radically between areas on the reporting map. The map on Your Submissions will let you see all the reports you’ve made, wherever they are.
Do you remove offensive or illegal content?
Keep It In The Community is not responsible for the content and accuracy of material submitted by its users. We reserve the right to edit or remove any problems, reports new listing, or updates which we consider to be inappropriate upon being informed by a user of the site. If you need to report offensive or illegal content, please contact us.

Getting involved

I’m from a council, can we have Keep It In The Community on our website?

Yes! There are a couple of options. We can help connect the service with your own council website: if you’d like to explore this, drop us a line.

Or you can download a CSV file of all your assets: just locate your council on this list, click through and you’ll see a link to download a CSV, which you can open with any spreadsheet program.

Do you need any help with the project?
The underlying software FixMyStreet Platform is Open Source, and we welcome improvements or bug fixes via a pull request: please see FixMyStreet’s GitHub page.
I’d like a site like this for my own location/ where’s the "source code" to this site?
The software behind this site is open source, and available to you mainly under the GNU Affero GPL software license. You can download the source code and help us develop it. You’re welcome to use it in your own projects, although you must also make the source code to any such projects available to others.
How do I get in touch with Keep It In The Community?
Here’s our contact page.