Western Park Golf COURSE

Sports facility · Scudamore Rd, Leicester LE3 1UQ


What and where?

Unused, redundant/ decommissioned former Golf Course (closed approx 4 years) on the north west political boundary of the City of Leicester. Area of approx 65 hectares land sloping to the north west from a plateau of approx 100+ metres elevation to 80 metres of (now) unmaintained grassland with mature tree and shrub structural planting associated with fairways. Mostly within the City of Leicester (owned by Council), with part in the parish of Glenfield/ Blaby District Council. A number of small water features. Former moated house is likely a site of archeological local history interest. One public footpath skirts the site for a short section to the north.

Why should this be listed?

This site, which currently forms part of the adopted local plan designated green wedge around the
City of Leicester could be at risk of loss through development, as indicated in the currently
evolving local plan. It should be conserved as open space because it has been identified as a
potential site for climate change- mitigating woodland planting, as well as a community
recreational asset. It could receive approx 165,000 transplant trees at conventional 2 metre
establishment planting centres and become both a significant sequestrator of atmospheric CO2
and a long term store of locked-in CO2.


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Leicester City Council

Nominated by Climate Action Leicester on Wed 8 January 2020


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