Broadway North Centre

Unknown · Broadway North Centre Broadway North Walsall WS1 2QA

Listed as ACV This asset has been listed as an Asset of Community Value

Nominated by Unknown on Mon 8 June 2015

Listing expires Monday 8 June 2020


  • Nominated as ACV on Mon 8 June 2015 by Walsall Borough Council

  • a) within the Council’s area;
    b) nominated by an eligible body;
    c) not within any category of land that is exempt from inclusion on the list; and
    d) of community value as there was clear evidence that the property is used principally for purposes which further the social well being and social interests of the local community, and that it is realistic to think it can continue to be so used. In particular, the panel noted that the property is used to deliver recreational activities including mental health and wellbeing courses; healthy walks; yoga; pilates; flower arranging and a community choir as well as others. The activities delivered at the property cater for a diverse sector of society and age groups, reducing isolation, addressing disadvantage and protecting vulnerable people.

    Listed as ACV on Mon 8 June 2015 by Walsall Borough Council