United Kingdom Public House

Unknown · United Kingdom Public House 14 Bloxwich Road North Willenhall West Midlands WV12 5PG

Listed as ACV This asset has been listed as an Asset of Community Value

Nominated by Unknown on Tue 11 November 2014

Listing expires Sun 15 December 2019


  • Nominated as ACV on Tue 11 November 2014 by Walsall Borough Council

  • The Panel considered that the property was :- (a) Within the Council's area; (b) Nominated by an eligible body; (c) Not within any category of property (d) of community value as there was clear evidence that the property is used principally for purposes which further the social well being and social interests of the local community, and that it is realistic to think it can continue to be so used. In particular, the panel noted that several letters in support of the application were submitted which demonstrates that the property is being used for the following activities: • Anarchy Comedy Club who over the last two years have run a comedy club from the pub. The Comedy Club take no profit as it is a free night and acts from around the country perform for free. Each month Local people come and support the comedy club.
    • Lane Head Nursery School has used the United Kingdom Public House car park as part of their official park and stride scheme for the last four years and has operated the scheme from the pub unofficially for many years prior to that. Parents and staff park their cars on the pub car park for free and this allows children easy and safe access to school.
    • United Kingdom Football Team are a Wolverhampton District Sunday League team that has been using the United Kingdom Public House for the last two years. The Football Club use the Pub for club meetings after match/training days and for social events. The football club train at the United Kingdom Public House at least once a week and play every week. The United Kingdom Public House also always allows the players and their families to meet there and is an importance place for the local community.
    • The United Kingdom Darts Team every Wednesday on a weekly basis.
    • As part of Walsall Walk on Heath scheme a group of local people have been meeting at the car park of the United Kingdom Public House for approximately 5 years in order to walk along the adjacent canal tow path.
    • Harmony Carers use the facilities of the United Kingdom Public House for their clients who are disabled.
    • The garden of the United Kingdom Public House is used by the community groups, local families and members of the public as a place to gather and socialise.

    Listed as ACV on Mon 15 December 2014 by Walsall Borough Council